Time and Billing Offline

Time and Billing Offline 14.5

Time & Billing for Pastel Evolution makes completing timesheets
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Trew Solutions (pty) ltd

Time & Billing for Pastel Evolution makes completing timesheets, whether at the end of each day, the end of the week or month, an effortless task through the use of the drag and drop capabilities and a user friendly graphical interface. The burden of the project manager is also eased by ensuring that agents only book time against projects and tasks to which they are allocated. The project management tasks are performed within an add-on module fully integrated with pastel Evolution. Each of the Maintenance, Transaction, Enquiry and Report screens are launched directly from the Pastel Evolution Explorer Tree. Project managers can monitor time booked against projects down to a task and resource level, comparing against budgets to ensure projects are delivered within budget. Time booked by an agent, can be accepted as is, or adjusted at the project manager’s discretion, to invoice more, or less time than actually booked. Project templates can be used to default common tasks used on different types of projects. Agents log time against projects and tasks in an offline module without the need to have Pastel Evolution loaded. The offline module does not require network connectivity to the Evolution server, allowing agents to capture timesheets offline at home or remote locations without online connectivity. Synchronisation between the offline module and the Evolution database is done via email.

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